Client Testimonials in the Tri-Cities Area, WA


What Our Clients are Saying About Us

In June of 2008, I was injured while walking my dog on a side trail when the defendant failed to control his dogs, which were off leash, and were being aggressive with my dog. One of them lunged for the dog's neck, and the movement was so violent that I was knocked to the ground on my back. The fall fractured my right hip and I sustained several compression fractures in my spine. In a split second my whole world was changed, but I am grateful to my attorney, Allen D. Brecke, and all the staff at Allen Brecke Law Offices. They fought for me and my wife every step of the way, made sure that I got the care I needed and saw the right specialists to properly diagnose my injuries. They mediated a settlement for me and my wife that will take care of us for the rest of my life, and I am satisfied with the work they have done for us. I recommend anyone who has been injured in an accident to call Allen Brecke Law Offices.
- Pete,
Multiple injuries caused by dogs attacking his dog
I have had the pleasure of working with Allen and his assistant Malcolm regarding the car accident my son and I were in. It was so comforting to have people concerned about us and helping us get through not only the process of the financial part of this event, but making sure we were getting the medical care needed to be well again. Not having needed an attorney before for a car accident, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the communication was with Allen's office. All of my emails, and I did send quite a few, were all returned quicker than I ever thought they would be. Great communication with us. I will definitely be recommending Allen and his crew.
- Jeanette,
Injured in a head-on car collision
I've been a professional truck driver for over 20 years and have never gotten in an accident. So, when I was rear ended by a young guy who was reaching for a bottle of soda I was pretty annoyed. After his insurance company began to make things difficult, I went to see Allen Brecke and his team. They quickly got on top of my case, followed me through my medical treatment, kept me in the loop and even helped me get reimbursed for my car rental. When I was done treating, they presented my case to the insurance company and negotiated a great settlement for me. Thanks guys!
- Roger,
Injured in a rear-end car collision
Allen and his staff are amazing people to work with. They are professional, understanding, and so kind. The stress from the car accident was awful, but with their knowledge, we felt confident that all would be well. As it turned out, my husband passed away suddenly, Allen stepped in with reasonable suggestions, and the case was closed quickly. What a relief to have someone like Allen in your corner! Spread the word – they are good at what they do!
- Darla Jean,
Car accident injury