Results of Past Cases in the Tri-Cities Area, WA


Rear-end Collision Accident

At-fault driver was speeding and had faulty brakes led to rear-end collision
Our client was stopped for traffic and was rear-ended by a truck that failed to stop due to speeding and faulty brakes.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian hit by a pick-up truck that failed to yield
Our client was crossing the street at a crosswalk when she was hit by a distracted driver with his pick-up truck.

Passenger Van Roll-over Accident

Injured in a public transit van that rolled-over
A public transit van rolled-over due to slippery icy road caused our client multiple injuries

T-Bone Accident

T-Boned at a Stop sign intersection
The at-fault's car failed to stop at a STOP sign intersection and t-boned our client on the passenger side. Our client suffered various injuries including spinal and internal organ injuries mostly in the intestines, went through several surgeries.